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We provide consulting and analytic support in the following areas:

  • Pipeline Strategy and Prioritization
  • Business Development & Licensing and M&A
  • Sales Force Operations & Analytics
  • Commercial Analytics
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Training in BD & L and Analytics

ProPharmance, LLC has launched the latest version of RnDPipeline.com, a unique searching, contacting, and modeling platform. The latest version has enhanced capabilities of developing forecasts, valuation and deal structure for a portfolio of assets / opportunities in life sciences at various stages of development. For more information please visit us / contact us: www.rndpipeline.com
Email: info[at]rndpipeline.com


ProPharmance is/has been in strategic collaboration to offer its expert services to several clients in pipeline analysis and valuation, identification of partners, forecasting and divestitures, reporting and data analytics in biopharmaceutical industry.

  • Recently ProPharmance, LLC has been hired by IP Shakti as an advisor for out-licensing / divestment of several assets in biopharmaceutical space.
  • ProPharmance has been asked to provide strategic analytics and insights to the BD&L team of a Boston-based biotechnology company.
  • Our expert services in scouting are also being leveraged by some of our partners.